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Terms and Conditions

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This text includes the Warranty and Return conditions of the websites of Margarit Bilişim.

All services sold on Margarit Bilişim ( websites are under the guarantee of Margarit Bilişim.

Margarit Bilişim will provide the promised services upon the request of the customer.

From the acceptance of the offer and the signing of the contract, the customer accepts and undertakes to pay the service fee agreed by the parties in advance.

The customer accepts and undertakes in advance that the contact information sent is correct. The accuracy of the contact information sent by the customer is still the responsibility of the customer, and the customer will be responsible for any damages and losses that may arise from these issues.

Margarit Bilişim is obliged to return the customer's credit card transaction if it cannot provide the services promised in the membership agreement to the customer.

Refund applications for services purchased from the websites of Margarit Bilişim are made via the e-mail address.